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Name Description Download
7-Zip Free file compression tool. Compatible with all formats. Download
Active@ KillDisk Free tool that wipes disks. Can wipe entire disks at once, unlike Eraser. They also sell a paid version with more erase methods and supports UEFI booting. Download
ASSP Free anti-spam proxy appliance. It's very complicated and advanced, but does an excellent job at detecting spam. Useful if you host your own mail server, though it's easier to just use Microsoft or Google's email service instead. Download
Audacity Free audio recording/editing program. Download
Autopsy Free. Digital forensics tool. Can analyze a disk or image, and return useful information about how a computer was used. Download
Autoruns Free tool that gives detailed information about Windows startup entries. Excellent for hunting and removing viruses. Download
Bandizip Free program that can open and extract BIN/CUE files. Download
BitVise SSH Server Free SSH/SFTP/SCP server. Runs on Windows. Lots of settings. Be careful about security. Download
BlueScreenView Free tool shows you details about recent BSODs. Download
Calibre Free ebook manager. Very good. Can convert ebook formats. Download
CamStudio Free, easy, small screen recorder. Outputs a video file. Download
CCleaner Free, quick, simple tool that deletes temporary and useless files from known locations on a computer. Also has a built in registry cleaner. Download
CD Burner XP Free. Create or burn ISO files. Burn audio or data CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, or HD-DVD. Download
CDCheck Free, small tool that attempts to recover files off a damaged CD. Download
Clonezilla Free bootable CD that can close disks and partitions. Similar to Partition Wizard but harder to use because it lacks a GUI and doesn't have partition managing features. Download
Color Cop Free tool that identifies any color on your screen. Download
Comodo Firewall Free firewall for Windows. It has been buggy for years, occasionally breaking the internet until it is uninstalled. I prefer Windows Firewall Control now. Download
CPU-Z Free tool that shows technical details about your computer's CPU. Download
Crystal Disk Mark Free benchmark tester for Hard Drives Download
CSV to VCard Free. Converts a CSV file exported from your Outlook contacts into a VCard file that is compatible with importing into the website. Download
DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) Free hard drive wiper. Used when you want to securely erase an entire hard drive before giving it away to strangers. This is an older program, hasn't received any updates in a long time, and shows ads since it was bought out by Blancco. NO LONGER RECOMMENDED. Download
DBF Viewer Plus Free app that lets you view and export DBF files easily. Download
Desktop Restore Saves and Restores desktop icon positions quickly. Useful after RDP changes the resolution and moves all your icons around. Download
DFT (Drive Fitness Test) Free, bootable CD that tests hard drives for problems. No updates for a long time, so I recommend finding a newer alternative. Download
Display Driver Uninstaller Free, this manually removes all traces of NVidia, AMD, Intel display drivers. This sometimes fixes problems like the inability to install an updated driver. Download
DOC to DOCX Batch Converter This is an addon for Microsoft Word (2007,2010,2013). You select a target folder and the addon will find all *.doc files and convert them to the current *.DOCX version silently and quickly. Download
Driver Backup Free tool that backs up drivers easily. Useful when you're about to reinstall Windows and don't want to search for drivers afterwards. Download
Driver Booster Free driver updater. It finds outdated drivers and updates them easily with few clicks. Download
Duplicati Free data backup tool. Client-side-only software, uses many kinds of dumb storage. Download
DVD Flick Free DVD encoder that creates video DVDs from any file format. It can generate ISO files and burn DVDs. Download
Equalizer APO Free tool that can customize the audio coming out of your speakers. I use it to globally reduce the volume coming out of my headphones so that I don't have to keep the volume down between 1 and 10 percent all the time. Download
Eraser Free file wiper. Also wipes free space. Used to prevent deleted files from being recovered. Can NOT delete whole disks, just individual files, folders, or free space. Download
eXtplorer File Manager Free. A php file editor that you can upload to your shared hosting server via FTP, then log into the PHP site to quickly edit files on that FTP. Download
FileZilla Free FTP/SFTP/FTPS client. They also have a separate, free FTP server. Download
Firefox Portable Free browser that works in Windows PE (Pre-Installation Environment). Download
FlacSquisher Free. Quickly converts a folder full of FLAC music files to MP3. Download
Font Matcherator Free online tool. You can upload a graphic, highlight the text you want to identify, and the web app will tell you the name of the font. Download
Git Extensions Free. Adds GUI to git, a source control program. Download
Google Chrome Free, fast, secure, full-featured web browser. Download
Handbrake Free. Can make backup copies of some DVDs to your PC as MP4 or MKV files. Does not work with all DVDs. Can also convert existing video files into different formats. Download
HashTab Free. Adds a tab to the File Properties window that shows the hash of the selected file. Download
Hex Workshop Free Hex editor. Useful for editing programs. Download
HTTrack Website Coper Free program that can copy an entire website to your local computer. It seems really slow, but it works. Download
HWMonitor Free tool that displays voltages and temperatures for your CPU, RAM, HDD, MB, etc. Download
iMazing HEIC Converter Free. Very simple tool that does batch converting of Apple's HEIC photo format to JPG files. Download
ImgBurn Free. Create ISO from disc. Burn ISO to disc. Burn files to disc. Create custom ISO from files. Download
Inkscape Free program that can design vector graphics. Useful for making logos, icons, and other simple designs that can scale to large sizes. Download
KeePass Free password organizer. Keeps your passwords securely on your computer. Not cloud-based. Download
Kodi Free. Software to turn your PC into a HTPC. Used to be called XBMC. Download
LAN Speed Test Free for client-only version. Can test speed of writing/reading a file on a remote PC. Useful for testing network speed, but limited by hard drive speed and cache. See also NetIO-GUI. Download
LastPass Free, secure, online password manager tool. Helps you store and remember hundreds of passwords. Download
LibreOffice Free alternative to Microsoft Office. Works great! Download
Lock Hunter Free tool that can help to delete files that are in use. Download
MakeMKV Free. Can make backup copies of any DVD to an MKV file. Download
Malware Bytes Free malware scanner Download
McAfee Removal Tool Free tool from McAfee that helps to manually forcefully remove their software when their normal uninstaller doesn't work. Download
Memtest86+ Free bootable CD that tests RAM. Now, this test is obsolete because Windows has a similar tool built in. Download
MiniTool Partition Wizard Free program that can manage & clone partitions. Boot features and working with Server OS's require Pro version. Can easily migrate HDD to SSD. Download
MiPony Free tool that automates all the repetitive clicks necessary to download files from most common file-sharing websites. Saves lots of time when downloading multiple files. Download
MobiMover Free. Lets you copy music/videos to an iPhone. Basically a replacement for iTunes. Supports MP3 but not FLAC. Download
MousePos Free. A tiny tool that just displays the current coordinates of the mouse cursor on your screen(s). Useful for software development that involves mouse coordinates. Download
MP3tag Free. Helps you edit MP3 file's ID metadata, like title, album, etc in bulk. Download
mRemoteNG Free alternative to the abandoned Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager. Other alternatives include Terminals and the free edition of Devolution's Remote Desktop Manager. Download
NAPS2 Free, easy to use scanning software that can save as PDF with OCR. Much better than the bloatware that comes with scanners. Download
NetIO-GUI LAN Speed Tester Free. Network bandwidth test. Requires running a copy in Server Mode and one in Client Mode. This removes the hard drive speed and cache from the equation, leaving pure LAN speed. Download Free website that automates the downloading and installation of many common programs. Has paid Pro version that keeps many PCs' software up to date. Download
Norton Removal Tool Free tool from Symantec that helps to manually, forcefully remove their software. Download
Notepad++ Free notepad alternative. Lots of features. Download
ODIN (Open Disk Imager in a Nutshell) Makes full disk images from running computers Download
ODIR (Outlook Duplicate Item Remover) Free tool that removes duplicate emails from Outlook. Download
Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor Free. Bootable CD. Can reset the Windows password by editing the registry where the passwords are stored. Tested Windows 2000 through 8.1, including Server 2012. Download
OllyDbg Free, small, simple, fast disassembler. Useful for debugging and hacking programs. Download
OpenTFTP Free TFTP server software. Useful for hosting firmware files to unbrick routers. Download
OSFClone Free disk imaging tool. Bootable CD/USB. Can clone to dd format and will include every sector for a proper forensics backup. Download
OSFMount Free disk image mounting program for Windows. Can mount many kinds of disk images, and can mount them as read-only for proper forensics or data recovery jobs. Download
Paint.NET Free alternative to Adobe Photoshop Download
PDF Creator Free alternative to Adobe Acrobat. It creates PDF files (but does not edit them). Download
pfSense Free firewall. Enterprise quality, runs on Linux, installs on any PC or virtual machine. Download
Plex Free home theater software. Has paid versions. Comparable to Kodi. Download
Postgresql Free database server. A better alternative to MSSQL and MySQL. Download
Prime95 Free CPU stress test. Download
Process Explorer Free tool that gives detailed information about running processes. Download
Process Monitor Free tool that logs Disk & Registry access in realtime. Useful for debugging programs. Download
Putty Free, small Terminal session client. Download
Recuva Free tool that recovers deleted files. Download
Shadow Explorer Free tool that can recover deleted files by reading the Windows Shadow Copy data from the drive. This tool should be used in addition to typical data recovery tools because they work two different ways. Download
ShowMyPC Free online web-based tool for sharing your screen with someone. Useful for troubleshooting for family. Download
SKTimeStamp Free, this is a File Explorer context menu plugin that lets you easily modify the Creation/Modified date timestamps on files. Download the SKTimeStamp installer, not the StExBar installer. It's much faster and easier than the more advanced program called "Attribute Changer". Download
SPAM Fighter Free tool that blocks spam emails from Outlook, OE, Windows Mail, Thunderbird. Download
Speccy Free small tool that generates a nice report with lots of technical information about the computer. Download
SQL Express Free, reduced functionality versions of Microsoft's SQL Server application. Download
SQLite Browser Free. Opens SQLite database files for viewing and editing. Download
TCPView Shows you which programs are currently using bandwidth. Download
TDSSKiller Kaspersky tool that scans for rootkit viruses and removes them. Download
TeamViewer Free for personal use. Similar to VNC, LogMeIn.. Download
The Unzipper Free. A simple php script that you can upload to your FTP, then access remotely to extract/compress files on the remote server. Much faster than uploading thousands of tiny files with an FTP client. Download
UDPixel Free tool that helps to locate and repair dead pixels by flashing colors rapidly over a small area. Download
UrBackup Free data backup tool. Stores backups unencrypted. Is backup-oriented, not file oriented, so does not mange versioning well. Download
USBDLM Free for private use. USB Drive Letter Manager. Runs as a Windows Service and lets you configure powerful rules for determining which drive letter a USB storage device should mount with. Download
VBoxVmService Free. Runs VirtualBox VMs in the background as a Windows Service. Download
VeraCrypt Free tool that creates encrypted blobs for storing sensitive data. Replaces the abandoned TrueCrypt. Download
VirtualBox Free tool that creates & runs virtual machines. Not quite as fast as VmWare Player but supports recovery points. Download
VirtualBox Free. Virtual machine host. Download
VirusTotal Uploader Free explorer extension. Uploads the selected file to VirusTotal to be scanned by about 20 different AV programs at once. Download
Visual Studio Community Free, highly featured version of Microsoft's programming IDE. Download
VLC Media Player Free, small media player that plays practically every format of audio/video files. Download
VMWare Player Free for personal use, a tool that creates & runs virtual machines. Download
Windows 10 Downloader Tool - WIM version This is a 3rd party tool that lets you access the Microsoft Techbench downloads. The Techbench version of Windows 10 uses the install.WIM file, which is compatible with DISM. Download
Windows 10 ISO - ESD version (Media Creation Tool) This version of the Windows 10 installer ISO uses the install.esd file. ESD files do NOT work with the DISM tool. This page downloads the Media Creation Tool, which then downloads the ISO. Download
Windows 10 ISO - WIM version (page taken down?) This page downloads an ISO that contains install.WIM. WIM files are compatible with DISM. As of April 2017, this site seems to be no longer available. Download
Windows 10 ISO - WIM version (page taken down?) This version of the Windows 10 installer ISO uses the install.wim file. WIM files ARE compatible with the DISM tool. Download
Windows Firewall Control Commercial software. A great tool for managing the built-in Windows Firewall. It's probably the most efficient and bug-free firewall available. Download
WinSCP Free SCP client (similar to Filezilla FTP client) Download
WinTree Free tool that helps you to easily see where all your HDD space is being used. Much faster than WinDirStat. Download
Wipe My Disks Free tool that wipes disks. Bootable only. Works with SAS disks on Dell's PERC controllers. Download
Wireshark Free. Network packet tracing tool. Lets you monitor and analyze the raw data packets sent over a network. Useful for advanced troubleshooting of network, application, or protocol problems. Download
XPadder Free. Lets you control your PC using an XBox controller. Useful for home theater PC setups. Download
Youtube-dl Free command-line tool that can backup videos from various websites. Download
ZoneMinder Free. Runs in linux, monitors cameras, detects motion, sends custom alerts. Pretty buggy and difficult to manage. Gets minimal support from developers. Download