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bootrec fixboot - access is denied (GPT disks)
Date Added: 1/25/2019

If your Windows won't boot because you messed up the EFI boot partition, and you get "Access is denied" when trying to run bootrec /fixboot from a Windows Install DVD, here is how to manually repair the EFI partition:

1) Boot from your Windows 10 Installation Media
2) Select Repair Your Computer.
3) Select Troubleshoot.
4) Choose Command Prompt from the menu
5) Type in the command: diskpart
6) Type in the command: list disk
7) Note which disk number is your boot drive (usually 0)
8) Type in the command: select disk 0 (or whatever your disk number is)
9) Type in the command: list volume
10) Note which volume is the EFI partition. It's probably 100MB and FAT32.
11) Type in the command: select volume 3 (or whatever its volume number is)
12) Type in the command: assign letter=V
13) Type in the command: exit
14) Now that you have assigned a drive letter to the partition, you can format that EFI partition to wipe it out so it can be recreated from scratch.
15) Type in the command: format V: /FS:FAT32
16) Now the EFI partition is blank so you must recreate it.
17) Type in the command: bcdboot c:\windows /s V: /f UEFI

Now, you can reboot the computer and it should load Windows correctly.

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