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Sage 50 crashes when opening some attachments
Date Added: 12/6/2016

When you try to open an attachment in Sage 50, it crashes. Some attachments work, some don't. If you SAVE the attachment to your desktop, the attachment works fine.

I called Sage and they gave me the solution (try this at your own risk after making full backups):

1) Change the period to # 1. This is on the home page in Sage.
2) Click Help > Customer Support and Service > Integrity Check
3) Click Continue after making a backup
4) Check the Reindex Files box, select Attachment from the list, and click OK.
5) Repeat steps 2-4 except select Attachment Bundle and click OK.
6) Change the period back to the current period. Click NO, NO, NO to the 3 pop-ups.
7) Test the repair.

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