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OneDrive tries to log into old tenant after mailbox migration
Date Added: 10/18/2022

When you move a user/mailbox from one tenant to another, the Microsoft OneDrive program will fail to sign in as that user.  When you try to sign in, it shows a large error message that mentions failing to find the user in the old tenant.  But, OneDrive shouldn't be looking at the old tenant - it needs to look at the new tenant to find the user.  There's no button anywhere to tell OneDrive to do the obvious solution to the error its experiencing.

In the OneDrive settings, click "Unlink" to remove the broken account.
Close OneDrive
Remove any mention of OneDrive in the Windows "Credential Manager"
Remove any mention of that Office365 username from "Access Work or School"
Delete this folder: %localappdata%/Microsoft/OneAuth
Delete this folder: %localappdata%/Microsoft/IdentityCache

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