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Printer pauses between printing pages
Date Added: 2/16/2022

When users print certain documents, especially PDF files, the printer may print one page, pause, print another page, pause, etc.  Sometimes, it will print 2 pages between pauses.  It acts like each page is its own print job because, during the pauses, the printer gets quiet, like it does at the end of a job, and then spins back up to begin the next page.  These 5-30 second pauses can drastically increase the time required to print documents that have many pages.  It only seems to affect specific PDF files and not other PDF files, and it happens from every computer, not just one.  I have seen it happen with multiple models of Brother printers and HP printers.  It happens with the latest drivers and firmware.

In the printer preferences, change the setting called "Color/Mono" from "Auto" to "Color".  For some reason, if the printer is allowed to auto-detect whether the pages are color or not, it can cause big slowdowns.  By forcing it to "Color" mode, the pauses immediately disappear.

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