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Remove a stuck alert notification from FreePBX
Date Added: 12/16/2021

I have an old alert showing on my FreePBX Dashboard page from years ago, and there is no way to clear it.  It says something about a module being updated automatically due to a security issue.  The module has been updated years ago, but the alert won't go away.

Here is how to fix it:

1) SSH into the freepbx server as root
2) type: mysql asterisk
3) type: select * from notifications; (remember the trailing semicolon)
4) confirm that the stuck notification is showing up in the results, and note its "timestamp" value
5) type: delete from notifications where timestamp=12345; (put the actual timestamp)
6) it should successfully delete that record
7) back on the FreePBX Dashboard, refresh the page to see that the unwanted notification is now gone.
8) type: exit (this exits mysql)
9) type: logout (this closes the SSH session)

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