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Polish semi-permanent spots off an iPhone screen
Date Added: 8/30/2021

Try this at your own risk.

I had an iPhone with spots on the screen from some chemical overspray.  Water and screen cleaner did not remove the spots.  White vinegar did not work either.  I'm guessing the chemical was either strongly stuck to the surface of the screen or it slightly etched the glass.

I found something that worked:
Bar Keeper's Friend applied to a magic eraser, wet with water, attached to a drill.  I used the drill to polish the screen.  It made the screen hot because of the friction, but with enough time (about 15 minutes) and care to get all the edges, I polished all the spots off the screen.  Every few minutes, you have to stop and wash off the screen so you can see which areas are finished and which areas still need attention.  Be careful not to put water or chemicals into the openings of the phone.  Before starting, make sure the phone is on a soft surface, like a rag, so the back of the phone doesn't get scratched.

This didn't affect the scratches.  It actually made them more noticeable since the spots were no longer visible to distract from the scratches.

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