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Error "15@0101000F" when trying to clean a disk with diskpart
Date Added: 5/28/2021

In Windows, I used a tool to apply a linux-based ISO to my flash drive.  After that, I could no longer get the drive to work anymore in Windows.  The Windows Disk Management tool couldn't delete the partition, and even diskpart could not successfully run the "clean" command nor directly delete the Linux partition from the flash drive.  The clean command would just fail and tell me to see Event Viewer for details, and Event Viewer just gives error "15@0101000F".

This problem happens because Windows 10 cannot handle certain filesystems, even if you're only trying to erase them.  It seems like something Microsoft should fix.  But here's a workaround:

1) Create a bootable flash drive with GParted on it.  Use Rufus to write the ISO image to your flash drive.
2) Boot from the flash drive into GParted.
3) Use GParted to "format" the flash drive's existing partition(s) to FAT32.  It should only take a few seconds.
4) Now, the drive is fixed.  Boot back into Windows and run the "clean" command on the flash drive in diskpart.  It should run successfully this time.
5) Now, you can create partitions, write ISO images, and use the flash drive like normal again.

GParted is able to successfully read and modify that Linux partition because the bootable GParted tool runs in a live Linux OS itself.

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