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IE on Windows Server says cookies are blocked, cannot sign into Office 365
Date Added: 9/17/2020

If you try to use some programs that require signing into an Office 365 account, and you're doing it on a Windows Server, you may get an error that tells you that cookies are being blocked so you cannot sign in.

This is a BUG with Internet Explorer, not just some extra secure default setting.  The GUI shows that cookies are allowed, but the GUI is wrong.  You have to use the GUI to block cookies, then go back in and put the setting back to the original allow setting.  Behind that scenes, where the GUI actually writes the configuration file somewhere, this fixes the problem.

To fix it:
Internet Options.
Privacy tab
Advanced button
Notice that the Third-party cookies radio button says "Accept".
Click "Block"
Click "Accept"
Click "Ok"
Yes, you just set the setting right back to what it was, but the act of selecting the Block and then Accept fixes the bug.

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