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Video Cards compatible with UEFI Secure Boot
Date Added: 3/13/2017

TLDR: Buy the EVGA NVidia GeForce GT 710 or newer.

Newer motherboards come with UEFI instead of BIOS.  UEFI has a feature called Secure Boot, which helps to protect your OS from viruses that try to install themselves between the hardware and the OS.  In order for UEFI Secure Boot to work, your computer's motherboard and, if you have one, your video card must be compatible with UEFI.

I needed to buy the least expensive video cards for our office so the employees could use multiple monitors and Secure Boot, so I contacted several video card manufacturers and asked them which of their video cards supported UEFI Secure Boot.  They all ignored my request except EVGA.  EVGA told me that their oldest video card that supports UEFI Secure Boot is the NVidia GeForce GT 710.  All of their video cards before that are not compatible.  The 710 only costs about $42 on Amazon:

I looked on the ATI website and it LOOKS like the HD 7730 is their first card that supports UEFI, but please confirm that before purchasing.

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