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Quickbooks error about license after replacing HDD
Date Added: 8/29/2018

I replaced the OS disk, a HDD, on a computer with a faster SSD.  After that, Quickbooks would not open and showed multiple error messages about corrupt license data.  Uninstalling/reinstalling, even with the QB support tool's clean feature, did not fix the issue.  Nor did deleting the qbregistration.dat file.  Instead, I had to delete this file:

C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8\EntitlementDataStore.ecml

Then, the next time QB starts, it re-generates that file automatically, and all is well (or as well as QB can be, anyway).  It seems that the qblicense.dat file has the basic registration code, which is the same for every computer on our Intuit account, but this entitlement file must have some kind of unique fingerprint based partly on the HDD serial number, so it has to be regenerated any time the hardware changes.

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