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Print a web page exactly as it appears using Chrome
Date Added: 11/6/2018

Normally, when you print a web page, the browser applies hidden CSS features to try to clean up the page before printing.  Sometimes, that totally messes up the result, making it nearly useless.  If you prefer to print the page exactly as it appears, there is a solution using Chrome's built-in Developer Tools:

1) Open the Developer Tools (Windows: F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I)

2) Click the Customize and control DevTools hamburger menu button and choose More tools > Rendering

3) Change the setting for Emulate CSS media from No emulation to screen

4) With the Dev Tools still open, try to print again.  You should see that it prints exactly as the page appears on the screen.

5) When you close the Dev Tools, that CSS setting should revert automatically.

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