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GPO settings are missing
Date Added: 10/8/2014

When Microsoft changes functionality in a GPO, they don't always push those changes out via Windows Update.  For example, when Server 2012 was released, it always installed Windows Updates during the Automatic Maintenance period.  Later, Microsoft changed the behavior to the way it used to work in 2008, which let you configure the Windows Update schedule separately from the Automatic Maintenance schedule.  Unfortunately, I was running 2012 and I did not get that updated GPO.  I had to manually download the latest ADMX pack, which was for 2012 R2, in order to get the updates GPOs.

My advice is to check for newer ADMX packs from Microsoft a few times per year, and drop them into your SYSVOL Policies folder.  Be sure to test carefully afterwards, as sometimes Microsoft removes settings or changes the behavior of settings from newer ADMX files.

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