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Disable CompuTrace from a Dell laptop
Date Added: 8/12/2016

Normally, if you accidentally enable CompuTrace in the BIOS settings of a Dell laptop, it is impossible to undo that change; CompuTrace will be permanently enabled.  The next time you boot Windows, the BIOS will sneak a rootkit onto the computer that communicates with the CompuTrace company.  However, it is possible to take back control of your legally-owned laptop if you disable CompuTrace with a BIOS editing tool.  Dell technicians have one called DST and it has been leaked onto the internet.  To use it:

1) Create a normal bootable USB Flash Drive using the tool called Rufus.
2) Copy all of the DST files onto that USB drive.
3) Boot from that USB drive
4) It should bring you to a command prompt.  Type svctag.exe and press enter.
5) Write down your current service tag number!
6) Follow the prompts to change your service tag number to something else like aaaaaaa
7) Reboot the computer and notice that CompuTrace has been reset to its default state.
8) Boot off the USB drive again, go back into the tool, and change the service tag back to its original value.
9) Optionally, go back into the BIOS settings and permanently disable CompuTrace so that it doesn't accidentally get enabled again.

Where can I find this great DST toolkit?


Please do not steal computers.  This information is only intended to help lawful owners who accidentally enabled CompuTrace.

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