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Dell BIOS flashing tricks
Date Added: 8/12/2016

If you get an error about having to plug in your AC adapter or charge your battery to a certain percentage, sometimes you can force the BIOS tool to install anyways if you append /forceit to the end.  For example, go to the command prompt and type: 1530_A12.exe /forceit

Sometimes, you still get the same message.  Next, try the same thing in DOS mode.  Using the tool Rufus, create a bootable flash drive.  Copy the same BIOS executable to that flash drive.  Boot off the flash drive and run the same command with the forceit option.  Now, it should work.

If that didn't work either, you can try Dell's BIOS recovery mode.  Run BiosProgram.exe /writeromfile and BiosProgram.exe /writehdrfile.  Rename those files to VAUB0A12.exe (where A12 is the version of the BIOS), keeping the existing file extension.  Plug in the flash drive, unplug the battery and AC Adapter.  Hold the END key or the RIGHT ARROW key, and plug in the AC adapter.  It should boot to BIOS Recovery Mode, detect the HDR and ROM files on the flash drive, and automatically install them.

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