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Covenant Eyes breaks MS Office activation
Date Added: 8/2/2017

If you get error 0x80072F8F when trying to activate Microsoft Office, and you have Covenant Eyes installed, the problem is CE.  Uninstall that buggy program, and Office will activate fine.

I tried reporting the problem to CE's tech support and they responded with questions like Which browser are you using?, which is obviously irrelevant.

CE is becoming less useful now that everyone has a smart phone in their pocket.  There are no perfect monitoring solutions because everything can be bypassed if you know how, but a better solution is OpenDNS or some kind of proxy server.  If configured properly, OpenDNS will monitor the DNS queries of every device on the whole network without requiring any monitoring software to be installed on any of them.  A proxy server can do it too and is harder for users to bypass, but it is much more complicated to set up and maintain.

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