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Cannot connect to RADIUS/WPA2 Enterprise WAP?
Date Added: 3/30/2017

Our office has several TP-Link WAPs that run DD-WRT.  Most laptops, iPhones, and iPads can connect fine using WPA2 Enterprise, Microsoft Network Policy Server, and Active Directory.  Two models of laptops cannot connect.  When trying to connect, they just spin forever and eventually fail to connect.  In the NPS logs, it shows a single Access Request and a single Access Challenge, and then it seems the client just gives up.  Instead, the client is supposed to respond to the Access Challenge over and over until Access Granted is given.  To fix this problem, I had to download and install the wireless NIC's latest 3rd party drivers.  Just doing a Windows Update to the latest Microsoft certified driver did not work; it had to be the latest 3rd party driver.

So, if you cannot connect to your RADIUS WAP from certain laptops, try updating the drivers on your laptop's wireless NIC.

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