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How to install Windows 11 with local account instead of Microsoft account
Date Added: 8/9/2023

Here is what worked for me in August 2023 and Windows 11 Home:
1) Run through the Windows 11 install wizard until the page where it asks you to enter your Microsoft account username and password.  It's ok to have the computer connected to the internet during this process.
2) Press Shift + F10 to open a command prompt
3) Click on the command prompt to give it focus
4) Type "oobe\bypassnro" (note that there are no spaces in this command) and press Enter.
5) The computer should reboot automatically.
6) When you get back to the part of the wizard where it asks for your Microsoft username and password again, type anything in the username and password fields.  I used "admin" and "password".
7) You should see an error that says the account has been locked due to too many invalid attempts, and the wizard will then take you to a page where you create a local user account instead.
8) Complete the wizard as usual, and you're now using a local offline account instead of a Microsoft online account.

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