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Add ADMX Templates to GPMC
Date Added: 9/3/2013

Windows Server's Group Policy Management Console only allows you to manage Windows stuff by default. To add additional settings to manage, you have to load ADMX templates. You can get them from Microsoft's web site for Microsoft products like Office. Some 3rd party companies offer them too.

To install them:
Download the ADMX file.
Go here: \\[MyDomainControllerName]\sysvol\[MyDomainName]\Policies\
Create a new folder called PolicyDefinitions
Go here: \\[MyDomainControllerName]\sysvol\[MyDomainName]\Policies\PolicyDefinitions\
Put your ADMX files in the root of this folder.

If you have language-specific ADMX files (they have the *.ADML file extension), you can put them in a folder called en-US
Go here: \\[MyDomainControllerName]\sysvol\[MyDomainName]\Policies\PolicyDefinitions\en-US\

Once you put the files in that folder, they will automatically synchronize with your other DC's on the network. You can use the GPMC from any computer and they'll all show the new settings.

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